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Kinds of explanation in accounts of pathogen evolution

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Deadline: Jan 8, 2017

Philosophy of science has recognized various kinds of evolutionary explanations. Evolutionary biology, however, relies also on functional and physiological explanations. It was hardly ever asked how those different kinds of explanation could be blended. The project investigates the spectrum of explanations in evolutionary biology. In particular, it focuses on the intricate cases in which physiological and evolutionary explanations supplement each other, as is the case in the explanation of pathogen evolution in pathogen-host systems. It will also inquire singular evolutionary explanation and relate the findings to arguments about singular causation.

Prof. Dr.

Münster: Research Training Group 2220 EvoPAD (Evolutionary Processes in Adaptation and Disease) and Department of Philosophy.


explanation; evolutionary explanation; singular explanation; disease; adaptation

N.N. (applications welcome, see above)

Prof. Dr. Niko Strobach

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