Call for Students: 1st International Winter School on Evolution, 11-15 March 2013, Ciência Viva Knowledge Pavilion, Lisbon, Portugal

The 1st International Winter School on Evolution is organized by the Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab of the Centre for Philosophy of Science of the University of Lisbon, in collaboration with Ciência Viva and with the support of the John Templeton Foundation. During one week, international experts will teach 9 courses on critical aspects of biological and socio-cultural evolution. The Winter School courses are centered around the following themes:

*macroevolution and the major transitions* (Courses are taught by: Bruce Lieberman, Folmer Bokma, Eörs Szathmáry)

*symbiogenesis, lateral gene transfer and hybridization* (Courses are taught by Douglas Zook, William Martin, Michael Arnold)

*language evolution* (Courses are taught by William Croft, Mónica Tamariz, Daniel Dor)

All courses are taught at a level accessible to Master, PhD and post-doctoral students in the exact, life, human and sociocultural evolutionary sciences. Students of evolutionary biology, microbiology, paleontology, evolutionary linguistics, evolutionary anthropology, and philosophy of biology will especially benefit from these courses. (text from official announcement)

Registration is now open.

More Information and enrollment/ registration on the Website: http://evolutionschool.fc.ul.pt

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