CfA: Two-year post-doctoral fellowship in STS/Bioethics in Toulouse, France

The research group UMR 1027 INSERM - Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier is looking for a post-doctoral fellow to work in the team «Génomique, biothérapie et santé publique: approche interdisciplinaire », led by Anne Cambon-Thomsen. The main focus of the appointment will be to explore the emergence of specific governance models, in the context of the stem cell regulation, and the capacity of such models to address the challenges of innovation in biomedicine in a socially and democratically responsible way. Research questions will include: how is the bioethics governance of regenerative medicine taking shape, and what is the role of interested stakeholders in stem cell-based innovation? What are the new political devices that can favour a socially robust translation of stem cell research into clinical applications?

Candidates must demonstrate excellence and commitment to academic research. All applicants must hold a PhD degree in areas relevant to the research theme (e.g. Science & Technology Studies, Bioethics, Sociology of Health, Law, Political Science, Molecular and Cell Biology, Medicine) and have acquaintance with the ethical, legal and social aspects of biomedicine. Furthermore, given the interdisciplinary nature of this project, candidates are required to demonstrate sufficient expertise in molecular cell biology, genetics and epigenetics in order to understand the technical aspects of the proposed research theme.

Applicants should send a full curriculum vitae, and a statement describing their current research activity and how their background and experience will fit with the proposed research project (500-1000 words). Furthermore, candidates will have to include two reference letters in support of their application.

Language requirements: the command of the two following languages are mandatory: English (corresponding to at least grade 7 of the IELTS test); French (in order to conduct interviews, group discussions and read academic literature in French). Please note that mid-term and final reporting will be in French.

The call for application is open until the post is filled. The appointment must start before the end of 2012.

Applications and Contact: anne.cambon-thomsen@univ-tlse3.fr

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More information on the research group: www.u1027.inserm.fr

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