CfA: PhD positions in “Foundations of the Life Sciences and their Ethical Consequences” (FOLSATEC), Milan

The students will attend advanced seminars and will write a doctoral dissertation on a topic of their choice (the choice is made in consultation with the teaching staff). They will also be involved in lab activities and will have a chance to become members of one of the research groups of the Ifom-Ieo Campus (one of the largest research centres for biomedicine in Europe) and/or to work in close contact with the clinical departments at the IEO (the European Institute of Oncology). Lectures, seminars, and all other activities in the Campus are in English. The doctoral dissertation will also be in English. No more than four students are admitted to the PhD program every year and they all receive a full scholarship. (Text from official announcement)

For Details: http://www.semm.it/phd_folsatec.php

Application Deadline: 3 September 2012

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